Hair Style

Hair style is the styling of the head hair. This is also your personal grooming, fashion and cosmetics. Hair style of the individual is depending on its type, length pattern, shape of the face and head from various angles.This is also depending on the person’s own style and image preferences. Every year there are many cut and style trends come out. That is why your head style is included in your fashion style. There are cut and head styles for short and long hair, for men and for women. Short ones should accentuate the perfect shape of the face.Women with round faces should have a cut in short layer to make your face appear longer to avoid face to appear more round. For women with longer face, avoid very short, it will only make your face appear longer. Best for women with that kind of face shape is to cut in a chin length bob. Women with long hair, they can choose whatever looks they want, but avoid just to put it down with out putting some accessories on it or variety to avoid to make it look dull.In men, most men have a square jaw, so the best for them is to cut it short that, in that sense, it will enable to enhance more his square jaw. With that fashion you should also consider good treatment; it will give enhancement to your head style, not only give you a clean look but will give you a good looking appearance.