Note to Mom – How to Create Cute Girl Hair Styles in a Flash!

Now that school is back, are you finding that your morning consists in yelling at your children, trying to get them fed and ready for school? That 1 hour before you drop them off is just not enough to do everything AND take care of your girl’s hair style?I have learned that it is very important to realize that your child might be feeling inadequate towards her piers if she does not follow the same fashion style or care. Part of building your child’s self-esteem also comes from dressing adequately and hair style definitely comes into play when deciding whether or not your child fits in. I often notice with my own children, when they are among their friends, they feel inclined to like the same things, clothes and hair style. Although little, my 3 year old daughter will ask for me to do her hair in a ponytail or add a headband to her hair if she sees that her friends also have the same style.My mother was a kindergarten teacher and although she loved her students, all of them, she commented that she treated the ones that were clean and well dressed better than the others. It was in her subconscious and it’s not that she deliberately wanted to treat the others poorly, she just felt more inclined to treat those well dressed children better.Her comment made me think about the many times when I went out in my sweats and was not respected as usual. Mothers have to wear many hats and have a lot going on in their lives and sometimes, it gets complicated to sit and do a hair style that might take you 30 minutes or so to do. It is a misconception that to be well dressed you have to spend a lot of money. Considering the current economy trend it would sound impossible to be well dressed. But, the one thing the current economy has given us is fierce competition and high competition is always followed by lower prices.You many not have 30 minutes or more a day to take care of your girl’s hair. And if that is the case, you are just like any other mother in the world. I have explored a few ideas on how you can create cute fashion forward hair styles on a small budget.The trick is to buy Flower headband sets, or ribbon headband sets and change the flower or headband each day, creating something different every time. For example: Take a look at this Crochet Headband for girls. With this set, you can create many different looks:· You can tie the hair up in a pony tail and add the flower or;
· You can use the flower clip to pull one side of the hair up and leave the other down, creating a “Hawaiian” look.
· Or you can even make a thin braid on the side and add the flower at the bottom of the braid.You can explore many different ways using just the flower clip. Don’t have time to make a pony tail? Grab the Crochet Headband, clip the flower on it and slip it on…. Or you can even just slip on the crochet headband without the flower for another look. If you purchase 2 more flowers which colors coordinate with the headband color, you will be creating 7 looks that your daughter can wear, one for each day.There is a wide variety out there. Whether you are looking for Ribbon Headbands, Flower Headbands, Crochet Headbands, Flower Headbands with clips, Crochet Headbands with Flowers, the concept is the same. Choose a set in which you can exchange the clips creating different looks thus each time thus, eliminating at least a small portion of your morning chaos!Moms, you are all wonderful.